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All About Me
Full Name: Rebecca Jean ("captivating gift of God")
Nicknames: Becca, Becca-chan, Chiara, Zara (my first SCA name), Princess (only if you're [ profile] fragbert)
Place of Birth: Kansas City, MO
Zodiac Sign: Gemini. And I'm a twin! *points Topeka-ward at [ profile] paradoxicalme*

Your Appearance
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Mid back-ish?.
Eye colour: Also brown, but darker than my hair.
Weight: *flinches* Too damn much, let's leave it at that.
Height: 4'10". Legally I qualify as a little person. :)
Braces?: I used to have them.
Glasses?: Without them, I would be pretty much legally blind. (Which is to say yes.)
Piercings: My ears are pierced, but that's it.
Tattoos: Not currently, but I'm getting a phoenix on my wrist in August 2010.
Righty or Lefty: Left-handed, left-leaning. I like how that works. ;)

Movie: The Hours
TV program: Ever? West Wing. Currently? I don't know that I have one; I watch a lot of ESPN and MSNBC.
Color: Jewel tones = ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst. And pink.
Rapper: Xzibit, less because of his music and more for his appearances on Extreme Makeover.
Band: the Corrs, U2, Indigo Girls
Singer: Dar Williams, Sarah McLachlan, Leonard Cohen
Song: At the moment, ""If You Only Knew" by Shinedown.
Sweet: Chocolate chip cookie dough.
Sport to Play: *laughs*
Sport to Watch: College basketball. *waves Duke pennant* American football -- professional and collegiate -- and gymnastics are fun, too.
Food: Chinese or Japanese
Favorite brand: Coldwater Creek
Store: See previous question.
Animal: Penguins or unicorns -- I collect both.
Book: Fiction = The Hours; non-fiction = The Noonday Demon.
Magazine: Time or Newsweek
Shoes: Black ~ 3" stiletto heels.
Quote: “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.”
--John Wesley (1703-91)


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sorry, chiara if you get this in time, can you and czino grba my charger from your living room? it's attatched to the extended plugin dealy thingy. if you can i appreaciate it! see you in a bit at practice.

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curiosity compels me to ask, is your twin 4'10" too?
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Hi! I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that people were saying nice things about you.

Please feel free to stop by and read the comments, add your love to others, or spread the word to your friends. You might want to track your thread so you’ll know when new comments come in for you as this continues to grow.