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I'm feeling better, or at least calmer, than I was earlier -- thank God for Klonopin. ♥

Quick note before I go to bed: I'm probably going to be making some major posts to my mental issues filter over the next few days; if you're interested in being on that filter, please comment here. Actually, if you're on the filter and want to stay on it, comment here as well.

(If you're not sure you're on it, check here.)

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Uh, yeah, I /way/ wanna stay.

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You will. :) I'm mainly doing this to see if there's anyone on the filter who doesn't actually want to be on it but hasn't requested to be taken off.

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I'm glad to hear you're calmer. If you ever want to talk, you have my number.

Also, I'd like to remain on your mental issues filter.

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I didn't mean that to sound abrupt or anything; I really do appreciate the offer, and if/when I ever get over my pathological issues with talking about my issues (most convoluted sentence ever?), I'll take you up on it.

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I don't seem to be on it, but I'd definitely like to be.

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I should like to stay on it, aye.

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And so you shall remain.

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I really wish Klonopin worked for me. But my dosage is really small I think. How much do you take?

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I'm supposed to take .5mg at a time, but I tend to...adjust that as needed. I think the most I've ever taken is 4mg before a formal logic test.

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*nods* My dosage is .5 nightly, and another .5 prn. Doesn't do crap :P I liked lorazepam because it worked so fast...but it didn't last long so pfft.

I'm just scared to up the dose lest I become addicted to it.

And I'm too scared to try anything stronger.

Though, sometimes I think it would be nice to be drugged into oblivion for a while....

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Oh, and, I'd like to stay on it. *hugs*

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Thanks. :) I just had an episode of paranoia that practically everyone on that filter didn't want to be, so I figured I'd check.

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Oh I can understand that.

I've been tempted to start a health filter because I think all my crap of the past 4-5-whatever months has scared people away. Feh.

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If you do start one, I'd like to be on it.

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I'm interested to read, if you still want to share.

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You're on. (I'm also in the process of tagging all those entries, so if you ever want to get seriously depressed, you can read them all at once! *bright smile*)

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I'd like to be on it, if that's alright. ^_^ ::hugs::

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It is very much all right. *adds* By the time I go to sleep tonight, all the entries to that filter should be tagged, so you can catch up if you wish.

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You're on.

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I am so glad you're doing better. I was troubled for you.

It's so hard to deal with our pasts. I've been dealing with my own disorder for the last couple of weeks, and just figured out yesterday that it was triggered by my past. Feh.

Please keep me on this filter?

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Definitely. (Also, should you want/need to talk, I'm usually available by e-mail. *hugs*)

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Thank you so much.

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Please to be keeping me on it.

And I am glad you will be getting things out. *hugs and love*

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Of course! :) I'm kind of nervous about it, though, you know? The next couple of days are going to be...rather emotional, and that's always fun.

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*hugs* I'll be here to help you through it.

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Leave me on it sweetie. I'm behind in posts because of travelling. You seem to be moving toward a better place, and that is good. The journey is important and you should cherish each step you take.

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You remain on it. :) One of the things I'm working on is not going from step 1 to step 496 in one jump, so thank you for the reminder.

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I would be interested in staying on it, hon. ♥

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And so you shall. (Have I told you I love that icon?)

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(No you haven't, but thank you. I love it too.)

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don't kick me off!

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I won't. :)

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Please include me.

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You are now included.
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Hello, fellow poly-Lincolnite... in the interest of better communication and support for polyamory in Lincoln, I have added you to my friends list.

You are under *no* obligation to add me back, unless you are entirely comfortable doing so...

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hi? could you add me?