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Audience participation time: which President would you least like to get into a barfight with?

Conversely, which President would you most like to have at your back in a barfight?

Defend your answer.

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Same answer for both: Teddy Roosevelt.

Because dude! The man was a BRAWLER! C'mon! What other president had a gun company give him a personalized gun. :D

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Me too.

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Oh, and I pimped this because it's such a cool question.

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Same here.

If "speak softly and carry a big stick" doesn't denote someone who will kick your ass, I don't know what does.
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Andrew Jackson... both times.

A Scots-Irish orphan who has seen hand to hand combat, has been in 13 duels, where at least one time he killed a man, after having been shot in the chest?

Who in the Battle of New Orleans, defeated a trained militia of 10,000 with a force of 4,000 irregular soldiers?

yeah... thats the guy I would want having my back and, conversely, would not want to be my opponent.

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I'm so sorry that my phone died when it did. And I couldn't find my cell to call you back to say goodbye. I loved talking to you, however, and am so glad you called. *hugs*

Least like to get into a barfight - Bill Clinton. He's a big guy and could probably inflict some pain.

Egads! I misunderstood! So, my fantasies of Shrub getting his due will have to wait for another quiz. And I don't actually support violence as a means to an end.

As for who I'd like to have my back? I have no clue.
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Most: FDR, because the man's got polio. No matter what happens, I can say afterwards, "Hey, they were trying to beat up my friend who can't walk."

Least: Obama, for the following scenario.
Opposing ringleader: There's five of us and only two of you. No way you can take us on!

Obama: Yes we can!

[sounds of battle]

Me: Goddammit, Obama, I'm not taking you drinking anymore!

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I would least like to get into a barfight with Bill Clinton. I've got nothing against the guy, so why would I want to hurt him? Heh. Plus there's the fact that his wife would hire hitmen to kill me afterwards - she just seems the type.

At the same time, I would want Bill Clinton at my back in a barfight. We might not win, but he'd buy me a beer afterwards and we'd have a good BS session talking about how we "trashed those other guys."

And then he'd call some girls over, probably, but I'd have to split because I'm married.

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Here via [ profile] popfiend...

Least like to fight with:Abe Lincoln; why? I don't think I could bring myself to fight back against Honest Abe, so that would be a painful little tussle.

Most like to have at my back: Robert F. Kennedy; why? He was young enough and in fighting trim. PT109. And, on top of that, he's a Bostonian.

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That would be wonderrful except Bobby K. never was President! You might be thinking of his much older brother Jack.

As For me Andy Jackson as noted above, or Grant.

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Yeah. It's kind of like that line at the end of The Lost Boys:

One thing I never could stomach about Hyannis - all the damn Kennedys.

I'm more amazed I didn't type out John Kennedy Fitzgerald, as that was the name of a teacher I once had and I remember that coming to mind when I replied.

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I don't want to get into a barfight with Teddy Roosevelt. Besides the big stick he carried around, he was scrappy and would probably fight really, really dirty (Which I endorse...following "the rules" in a barfight will get ya dead).

I was going to have him at my back as well, but I can't leave out John Adams. He's my favorite president. Also, along with being obnoxious and disliked, he was he probably has some great moves. Even if he doesn't carry a stick. ;)

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Taft. The Chief Executive so overweight he got stuck in a bathtub. Sure, Teddy Roosevelt might try to punch on him some, but Taft would just wrestle him to the ground.